1111 Goodie Two Shoes - playtime in a box

Goodie Two Shoes™, specialists in children's entertainment products, introduce
'The Goodie Box™'
- an affordable box of playtime goodies that kids just love to play with, particularly when parents need it the most. Perfect for eating out, sleeping out, or travelling, be it by car, train or plane.

These boxes have been created for younger children and are filled with all the delightful distractions your little ones will love, such as crayons, felt-tip pens, stickers, dot to dot, glitter glue, play dough and other educational and fun toys.

Kids not only love the contents, but the box itself is an exciting concept. As a colouring book on a box, it comes with different black and white illustrations ideal for budding little artists. The colour-in pictures have been chosen to create a theme that is not only fun but educational at the same time. The designs have been focussed on teaching children through play by concentrating on themes that is age-appropriate.

As the outside of the box change, the contents change to provide fresh excitement with each box you buy. The items inside have been carefully selected and each piece has numerous uses, for example: cotton reels can be laced together, used for stamping as well as dough shaping.

Tried and tested by parents and children alike, this is ideal for hotels, airports, restaurants, in the car, gifts or special occasions.

The Goodie Box™ has positioned itself as the ideal portable, easy-to-store playtime vehicle, which fits easily in a child’s backpack or a mum’s handbag.


Think Goodie Box. Think Playtime. In a Box.

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